Council to discuss artificial turf for Arlington this Tuesday 18 August

Marrickville Council will discuss and vote on a motion regarding the installation of artificial turf at Arlington Reserve this Tuesday 18 August.

chambersThe public can come to the meeting and three speakers from the gallery can speak for the motion, and three speakers can speak against.

The meeting starts at 6.30pm, at the Marrickville Council Chambers, 2-4 Fisher Street, Petersham. (You may want to get their early to ensure you can get in).

Independent Councillor Thanos is moving the motion:

For Decision
From Councillor Dimitrios Thanos

Councillors will be aware that over-enthusiastic supporters of both sides of the argument are
spreading rumours about Councils intentions relating to Arlington oval

One side would have it that Council wants to make Arlington an oval that caters for the exclusive
use of Soccer clubs.

The other side has it that Council wants to make Arlington an oval that caters for exclusive use of
Dog owners.

Council has made a budget allocation for a synthetic turf at Arlington ($1.1M). I support the view
that while proceeding with further feasibility and consultation on the Arlington Oval proposal, we
also seek further advice about whether this or another oval is the best location for the installation of
a synthetic surface prior to its being installed.

As all Councillors are aware, and as residents around Arlington have quite rightly pointed out, no
such study took place prior to a decision to allocate funds for a synthetic surface at Arlington and
although all Councillors have their own subjective views on the topic (myself being one of them),
an objective look at usage, traffic and suitability of the Ovals in our area has not taken place.


1. Council recognises the need to increase the capacity for use of its ovals and part of that
strategy is to look into the use of Synthetic surfaces; and

2. Council notes that funds have been allocated in this the budget for 2009-2010 that allow for
feasibility, consultation and installation of a synthetic surface at Arlington Oval. While
proceeding with that work, Council also investigates other playing fields as a potential site
and identifies objectively the most appropriate location within the Marrickville LGA for the
installation of such a surface.

General Manager reports:
This motion, if adopted by Council, can be implemented within normal operations.

The Greens have indicated they will move an amendment to support re-turfing Arlington Reserve with natural grass, rather than artificial grass.

It is very important to have as many residents in the gallery as possible to show the strength of feeling against the current plans.


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