Do you want Arlington Reserve covered in plastic grass?

Marrickville Council decided in its 2009-10 budget to set aside over a million dollars to resurface Arlington Reserve in Dulwich Hill with artificial turf.

Local residents are concerned about:

  • Less community access to open space
  • Increased usage, noise & lighting
  • Harder to find parking, more traffic
  • Misuse of ratepayers money
  • Ongoing financial costs to ratepayers
  • Jury is still ‘out’ on toxicity of synthetic grass and chemical leaching
  • No Business Plan indicating how Council will manage the costs
  • Lack of community consultation on Council’s decision
  • No studies to support the proposal
  • Six fold increase in usage reserved for limited/elite football

Less community access

Increased usage, noise, flood lighting

Harder to find parking, more traffic

Health effects of artificial turf

Waste of money

Residents have formed a ‘Save Arlington Reserve Action Committee’ to persuade Council against the proposal.

Have you say – Marrickville Council is conducting public consultation.  Click here to have your say.

Where is Arlington Reserve?

Arlington Recreational Reserve is located in a densely populated area of Dulwich Hill, in Sydney’s Inner West.


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