Artificial Turf – hot on the heel

While we’re on a roll, lets not forget one of the “inconvenient truths” that undermines Council’s financial argument for artificial turf for Arlington – on days over 25C, it’s unusable – it’s too hot for human use.

Unlike real grass on real dirt (which dissipates heat into the ground), artificial turf with its recycled rubber tyre underlay just bounces much of the day’s heat back up onto player’s feet, and it’s accepted in the industry that such fields are unusable in warm/summer days (eg. over 25C in full sunlight – which is MANY days in Sydney’s summer).

Which begs the question – how is Council going to extract 60 to 80 hours per week usage from Arlington (ie. from its high-paying customers – the football clubs) in summer (which it will need to do, to be able to service the loan it’s likely to need to take out to pay for artificial turf), if it’s too hot to play on on summer days?!?

The answer is, a lot of the soccer club’s use will have to be pushed into the evenings when the plastic pitch becomes usable again. We all know what Saturdays & Sundays are like in winter around Arlington – traffic & parking chaos, litter, noise, floodlighting, and worse – 6+ NIGHTS PER WEEK.

Today the people of Dulwich Hill said NO to that in no uncertain voice.

Attached here is the report from the artificial turf industry’s own expert on how unusable plastic grass is in warm summer climates (Australia is NOT Europe, something the Dulwich Hill Football Club seems to forget!).


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