Marrickvile Council’s apparent absence of due process

On Tuesday 20/11, Marrickville Council voted 6:for, 5: against (1 absent) in the matter of artificial turf being Council’s preferred option for Arlington.  This was voted by a newly elected Council who had not campaigned on the issue, because most of us thought the issue had been dealt with comprehensively in Council’s 10:1 vote against in 2009.

At that meeting they also promised to prepare and deliver for this coming Tuesday 4/12 meeting a new report detailing “financial, timing, management and community engagement considerations of Council’s preferred option”.

Wait, what?!?  You mean they voted first, THEN decided to have all the facts presented?!?

It appears that way, at least from the outside.  Questions need to be answered…

PLEASE CALL OR EMAIL your Councillors who voted for artificial turf on 20/11 and ask questions:

Clr Emanuel Tsardoulias (ALP West) 0432 684 120
Clr Rosana Tyler (LIB West) 0414 859 630
Clr Victor Macri (IND Central) Mayor 0408 219 260
Clr Sam Iskandar (ALP Central) 0408 210 618
Clr Jo Haylen (ALP North) 0417 114 404
Clr Chris Woods (Labor South) 0425 363 209

Furthermore, we hear Clr Mark Gardiner (0402 424 987, who was absent on 20/11 has concerns about this proposal, particularly its fuzzy financials, but wants to do the right thing by sporting bodies.  We believe the best outcome for sporting bodies would be to reinvigorate the identification and development of new facilities that are located in areas imminently suitable to them – LIKE TEMPE, IDENTIFIED IN 2010 (as well as ensuring the financials are rigorous in their assessment), a task our Council rolled over & played dead on at the first sign of difficulty in 2010.  ROADS CAN BE PUT UNDERGROUND – SPORTING FIELDS CANNOT – TRY HARDER.  PLEASE CALL OR EMAIL NOW!


3 Responses to “Marrickvile Council’s apparent absence of due process”

  1. savearlington Says:

    I hasten to add – I realise Councils often take a vote on whether to investigate an issue. But that’s not what’s happening here. Council’s vote for plastic grass on Arlington IS NOW FAIT ACCOMPLI. The Greens raise a motion of rescission against last Tuesday 20/11’s vote, and that’s what we need to support tomorrow night.

  2. M Says:

    FYI – the email address you have for Jo Haylen doesn’t work.

  3. savearlington Says:

    Apologies – i’ve corrected it now (2 Ls in Marrickville ;).
    Jo Haylen’s address is:

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