Round n round it goes…

Well that was quite a ride!

Long story short (more detail later), Clr Mark Gardiner (Liberal – who was absent on 20/11) coaxed his fellow councillors to consider a new resolution to replace that which was voted for on 20/11.

After some to-ing & fro-ing on protocol, Council agreed to rescind its vote on 20/11 to “investigate” artificial turf.

Clr Gardiner’s alternative proposal was then formally adopted by  Clr Tsardoulias (Labor) and seconded by Melissa Brooks (Greens).

Details of that proposal will have to wait for Council’s official meeting minutes, which should be released in a day or two, but in a nutshell:

Council will re-investigate three options:  natural turf, artificial turf, or a hybrid natural & artificial turf solution, with – hopefully – a more thorough and transparent treatment of all the aspects and consideration of the highly polarised public opinion.  Council will then re-visit the issue in February 2013.

Basically, the whole issue has been “reset”, to start again from the beginning, but hopefully with the concerns raise by our community given due consideration.

It buys us far more time than the two weeks we’ve had, to properly assess what is real, and what is a distraction, in our fight for our rights.

Whilst I don’t agree with all of Mark Gardiner’s criticisms of the conduct of both sides of this issue (tho I’ve no doubt there’ve been some terrible things said/emailed/etc to Councillors from both sides) – and lets face it, there was plenty of that behaviour exhibited by Council itself tonight – I do take on board his call for a more concilliatory approach.

More soon…


2 Responses to “Round n round it goes…”

  1. Max Phillips Says:

    Here is the motion:

    Motion: (Tsardoulias/Brooks)

    THAT Council:

    1. receive and note the report;

    (a) investigate laying a hybrid grass/artificial turf solution on Arlington Reserve.
    (b) be provided with a comprehensive schedule identifying both one off and recurring maintenance costs of:

    (i) artificial turf
    (ii) natural grass
    (iii) hybrid solutions

    (c) be provided with a report outlining the:

    · health
    · environmental
    · heritage
    · social/urban design

    impacts of each of the above options with reference to expert advice and Council’s DCP and LEP.

    (d) be provided with detailed comparative funding solutions for (b) (i) – (iii) above;

    (e) provided with a report from suitably qualified council staff assessing the impact on the playing field surrounds including any impact on trees;

    3. that this information be provided to Council at the first scheduled Council Meeting in 2013;

    4. establishment of a community group with residents and club member groups and appoint members through an expression of interest;

    5. Council Rangers conduct a more frequent patrol of William Parade, Constitution Road, Union Street and surrounding lanes of Arlington and enforce all parking legislation;

    6. that the Plan of Management doesn’t change whatever the outcome on the surface will be; and

    7. check on light spillage on surrounding residents.

    Motion Carried
    For Motion: Councillors Brooks, Ellsmore, Gardiner, Hanna, Haylen, Iskandar, Leary, Macri, Phillips, Tsardoulias, Tyler and Woods
    Against Motion: Nil

  2. savearlington Says:

    thanks Mark, I’ll re-post this as its own post to make it more visible.

    And thank YOU for some clarity you (and Melissa & David) brought to Council’s deliberation last night, particularly the point about “Why spend all this money in a location that isn’t suitable for maximising use of that investment?”, which so succinctly demonstrates either (a) a deeply flawed financial argument, or (b) the presence of a Trojan Horse to higher hours-of-usage.

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