Last night’s Motion, in full

Max Phillips has kindly forwarded the full motion unanimously agreed upon last night:

Motion: (Tsardoulias/Brooks)

THAT Council:

1. receive and note the report;

(a) investigate laying a hybrid grass/artificial turf solution on Arlington Reserve.
(b) be provided with a comprehensive schedule identifying both one off and recurring maintenance costs of:

(i) artificial turf
(ii) natural grass
(iii) hybrid solutions

(c) be provided with a report outlining the:

· health
· environmental
· heritage
· social/urban design

impacts of each of the above options with reference to expert advice and Council’s DCP and LEP.

(d) be provided with detailed comparative funding solutions for (b) (i) – (iii) above;

(e) provided with a report from suitably qualified council staff assessing the impact on the playing field surrounds including any impact on trees;

3. that this information be provided to Council at the first scheduled Council Meeting in 2013;

4. establishment of a community group with residents and club member groups and appoint members through an expression of interest;

5. Council Rangers conduct a more frequent patrol of William Parade, Constitution Road, Union Street and surrounding lanes of Arlington and enforce all parking legislation;

6. that the Plan of Management doesn’t change whatever the outcome on the surface will be; and

7. check on light spillage on surrounding residents.

Motion Carried
For Motion: Councillors Brooks, Ellsmore, Gardiner, Hanna, Haylen, Iskandar, Leary, Macri, Phillips, Tsardoulias, Tyler and Woods
Against Motion: Nil


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