Clrs Macri & Tsardoulias hold the line

This letter (PDF Macri-Tsardoulias letter post4-Dec (arlington) – mod) from Clrs Macro & Tsardoulias just arrived, basically reitterating the 4/12 new motion to reinvestigate all options, but they couldn’t help themselves to keep pushing this:

“In 2009, Arlington Oval’s playing field underwent a full reconstruction. Despite these efforts and ongoing maintenance, the condition of the playing field has continued to deteriorate resulting in hazardous playing conditions. This prompted Council to recently revisit the issue as it needs to find a sustainable solution.”

…the implication being (based on their own words in Council on 4/12, & from emailed replies to concerned community members) ‘we gave it our best shot, but Arlington isn’t meeting the needs of the community, it’s costing too much money, so a sustainable solution is plastic grass’.

In case you think we’ve been goofing off since 4/12, we haven’t, in fact we’re really only just begun (AGAIN) – stay tuned!



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