Arlington – Not just for humans

Carole Ferguson of the Save Arlington Committee has always been mindful of the presence of the long-nosed bandicoot in the vicinity of Arlington Reserve.  There are only 2 colonies of the bandicoot left in NSW, and we are privileged to have one at/around Arlington. Marrickville Council must take into account the impact on the habitat of the bandicoots in making their decision. Under the Endangered Species Act there are significant penalties if their action by voting to implement artificial turf causes the loss of habitat of the bandicoots. It is clear that removal of natural grass could destroy a significant part of the bandicoot’s foraging habitat.

She recently contacted  the Minister for the Environment, the Hon Robyn Parker MP, regarding the matter of Arlington Reserve and Marrickville Council’s direction.  The Office of Environment & Heritage has previously advised Marrickville Council of this bandicoot habitat, and their obligation to survey the site and assess any impact of the current artificial turf proposal.  We hope Marrickville Council are in the process of undertaking such a survey and assessment, as suggested by the motion carried at the Council Meeting of 4 December 2012.

Attached is the reply to Ms Ferguson from the Office of Environment & Heritage.

Bandicoots (Reply from Minister referral to OE&H (MD12-5231)


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