Gathering Momentum

Well Saturday’s ‘Informal Gathering’ was quite a success!

We estimate 80 to 100 people attended with a solid majority staying for the whole event, including Councillors Mark Gardiner (Lib), Melissa Brooks (Greens), and Max Phillips (Greens).

Aside from the valuable opportunity to discuss the issue with so many fellow residents, we were particularly encouraged by Mark Gardiner’s vocal support for maintaining natural turf on Arlington, and for the ‘community resolution’ voted virtually unanimously by all in attendance.  As some of you might recall, Mark Gardiner was absent for the 6-for, 5-against vote taken by Council on 20/11/12 to “investigate” artificial turf, and raised an alternative motion on 4/12/12 to re-evaluate all 3 options (natural, artificial, hybrid) in more detail.

Mark Gardiner’s support for natural turf on Arlington now places Council 6-for, 6-against (based on the 20/11/12 vote) for artificial turf.  Mark himself implores all concerned residents to call or email the remaining 6 Councillors !

Finally, here’s a few photos from the day.  And more info to come!


Councillor Mark Gardiner addresses the attendees, and brings the vote to 6-6!

GatheringForWeb 1

Councillor Melissa Brooks addresses the attendees, adding her ongoing support:

GatheringForWeb 6

All residents in attendance voted unanimously in favour of the Community Resolution to retain natural turf:

GatheringForWeb 7

GatheringForWeb 8

GatheringForWeb 5

GatheringForWeb 3

GatheringForWeb 4

Councillor Max Phillips addresses the attendees, again reiterating the Green’s support:GatheringForWeb 2


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