Community Resolution

During Saturday’s Informal Gathering, a ‘Community Resolution’ was on display, and voted virtually unanimously by all in attendance, including the three Councillors in attendance:  Mark Gardiner (Lib), Melissa Brooks (Greens), and Max Phillips (Greens).

Here’s a PDF of the Community Resolution CGathering Resolution-9-02-4, and text in full is as follows:


This meeting of concerned residents calls on Marrickville Council to recognise and respect its legal obligations under S36F of the NSW Local Government Act:

  • to protect (a)  the environmental health of the Arlington precinct and (b)  the health and well being of its residents and users of  Arlington Reserve
  • by rejecting any proposal to convert the Reserve from natural to artificial or hybrid turf
  • To ensure that the natural turf surface is maintained to best practice standard for the benefit of all users including soccer players
  • To ensure that whenever this matter comes before Council any decision is preceded by extensive and comprehensive community consultation and research

That Council implement Clauses 11, 12 and 13 of its resolution moved by (then) Councillor Tsardoulias at its 4 December 2009 meeting to liaise with surrounding councils to identify sites suitable for artificial turf and to seek partnerships with State and Federal governments to develop it.

That Council consult with and inform its residents/ratepayers of the process and progress in this regard.



One Response to “Community Resolution”

  1. Mrs Barbara Achille Says:

    I hope The Community Resolution will be successful.

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