Getting the basics right – or something like that…

Unfortunately, despite a brief faltering glimmer of hope from Clr Rosana Tyler during the 2 hour deliberation, Council’s 6-for, 6-against vote with Mayor Macri’s casting vote was used to pass a motion raised by Mayor Macri to proceed with artificial turf on Arlington Reserve.

Apparently this is Labor’s idea of “getting the basics right”.  Note how, despite multiple reports over many months, they still haven’t got a clue how to pay for it…

The motion in full:


C0213 Item 2           Arlington Reserve Playing Field Update

Public speakers:            Sharyn Moses, Anthony May, Joe Pinto, John Theodoropoulos and
Ian Holmes (Canterbury and District Football Association)

Motion:               (Macri/Iskandar)


1.     the report be received and noted;

2.     Council resolves to proceed with a Synthetic Turf surface at Arlington Oval;

3.     funding be allocated to meet the cost of works in the 2013/14 budget from –

a.     unallocated s94 funds; and/or

b.     loan funds to be repaid from:

i.     maintenance costs savings;

ii.     an increase in user charges based on current hours of use; and/or

c.      other available funding sources.

4.     Council endorses the terms of reference and expression of interest process for the establishment of a community group.

5.     Council reiterates its commitment to the current plan of management and resolves that it remains unchanged.

Motion Tied
For Motion:                         Councillors Haylen, Iskandar, Macri, Tsardoulias, Tyler and Woods
Against Motion:                 Councillors Brooks, Ellsmore, Gardiner, Hanna, Leary and Phillips

The Chairperson used his Casting Vote and the MOTION was Carried.


If only this could explain it all…


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