Media Release (after 19-2-2013 Council meeting)


Save Arlington Reserve Committee

Council Meeting C0213 Item 2 – “Arlington Playing Field Update”

Wednesday 20th February 2013

Marrickville Council votes for artificial turf

On Tuesday night, 19th February 2013, Marrickville Council spent two hours deliberating on the issue of artificial turf for Arlington Recreation Reserve, Dulwich Hill.

Despite a promising few moments of doubt when Councillor Rosana Tyler requested a brief recess to negotiate privately with other Councillors, Council ultimately voted on the proposal raised by Mayor Victor Macri to proceed with artificial turf for Arlington.  The vote was 6-for (Councillors Haylen, Iskandar, Macri, Tsardoulias, Tyler and Woods), and 6-against (Councillors Brooks, Ellsmore, Gardiner, Hanna, Leary and Phillips).  The Chairperson, Mayor Macri, used his Casting Vote and the motion to proceed with artificial turf was carried.

The members of the committee to Save Arlington Reserve and many local residents are very disappointed in Council’s decision, and in particular the underlying disregard for its obligations under Section 36F(b) of the NSW Local Government Act which relates to community land designated for sporting activities, whereby they must ensure that such activities are managed having regard to any adverse impact on nearby residences.

Despite both Councillors and citizen speakers drawing attention to:

  • the glaring economic recklessness of the artificial turf option given the limitations of the Arlington Plan Of Management
  • the undeniable consequences upon local residents that the dramatically intensified usage that Council’s own reports insist must accompany an artificial field (later, if not sooner) due to the categorical unsuitability of the area surrounding Arlington
  • the dramatically higher hiring costs to users and the financial risk this exposes Council to if prime users are unable to maintain payment of such fees
  • the complete absence of solidly identified funding sources
  • the inferiority of artificial turf in 12 out of 14 environmental impact aspects considered in Council’s latest report

certain Council members maintained an agenda that placed all of these considerations at a lower priority to… well, perhaps you should ask them that.

The committee to Save Arlington Reserve will continue to lobby for retaining natural turf on Arlington Recreation Reserve.

Arlington – Press Release following 19-2-2013 motion to proceed with artificial turf (PDF)


One Response to “Media Release (after 19-2-2013 Council meeting)”

  1. Cheryl Forbes Says:

    What a disgrace

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