‘Save Arlington’ interviewed on 2UE radio

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Recently one of the Save Arlington Reserve action group members, Anthony May, was interviewed by Stuart Bocking on 2UE radio.

Aside from Stuart’s initial misunderstanding about which Councillors are pro-artificial turf (Greens Councillors have never voted for this artificial turf proposal), we think the interview reasonably summarised the situation in a ‘nut shell’.  Please have a listen!

2UE interview with Anthony May re Arlington

By the way, the only listener response we’re aware of following this interview was from someone extolling the virtues of artificial turf, totally missing the point, as usual.  The ‘Save Arlington’ action group has largely avoided comment on what can only be described as the contentious issue of the comparative safety – or otherwise – of artificial turf, because frankly it doesn’t have much to do with our ‘argument’ – the financial irresponsibility of Marrickville Council’s decision to proceed, despite not having costs for major ‘big ticket’ items in neither the motion carried in February, nor in the draft budget they’re about to vote on next month, not to mention the intractable problem that there’s just insufficient parking and traffic capacity around Arlington to accommodate intensified use of Arlington Reserve.


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