Seriously, why isn’t Marrickville Council thinking of the children?

Marrickville Greens have put questions-on-notice to Council recently, and the answers don’t stack up.  How can Council justify $1M+ for a Trophy Project, but delay desperately needed funds for childcare centres in baby-booming Marrickville & Dulwich Hill yet another year when there’s TWO THOUSAND children on waiting lists for early childhood care centres?

Meanwhile, Leichardt Council found $4M for 2 childcare centres, and the City Of Sydney Council found $55M.

In what way, exactly, is this “getting the basics right”, as Marrickville Labor’s slogan would have us believe?

Have a read:

We’re hopping mad at Council’s… skewed priorities.  How about you?  Have you made a submission on Council’s draft budget?  It only takes a few minutes… and you’ve got 24 hours left to be heard.



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One Response to “Seriously, why isn’t Marrickville Council thinking of the children?”

  1. Patrick Stafford Says:

    As a 20 year resident, I used to be able to come home and park my car outside my house in Dulwich Hill near Arlington Oval. Now two nearby seven day cafes operate, daily bbq’s/functions in Johnson Park and morning fitness classes (two companies) operate daily except Sunday, soon to be built tram stop outside Arlington Oval, and now the astro-turfing of Arlington Oval – which may result in excessive games and even more congestion. The lives of local residents are being seriously effected with excessive pedestrian and vehicular traffic. Many neighbours are all for progress but the district should share the burden. Child car centres, off the leash dog parks, upgrading of park facilities (picnic areas/bb’s) MUST be spread around so nearby residents don’t have to drive to one single area. Natural grass has been the staple for Arlington for decades. Leave it alone and leave us alone.

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