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Arlington – A Bird’s Eye View

May 19, 2013

“ As it is situated in the middle of a densely populated residential area with limited parking and road access, neither Arlington nor any other oval in the Marrickville LGA meets [the necessary criteria for artificial turf] ”

Clr Emanuel Tsardoulias

December 2009

 When Councillor Emanuel Tsardoulias wrote those words on a flyer he distributed to all West Ward residents, and listed a DOZEN solid reasons to back it up, he wasn’t kidding, or faking.  Union Street local resident, Sharyn Moses, addressed Council on 19th February 2013 with this presentation of aerial views of several parks around Sydney that had been converted to artificial turf.  Each one has highlighted the field that was artificially turfed, nearby residential areas, and parking capacity.

When you compare it to Arlington Reserve, you really see the absurdity of spending a $million (likely much more) in an area that (a) just can’t facilitate any increase in usage above the current level, and (b) if it did would hugely impact a large number of local residents, especially given the medium-density apartments adjacent, and the high-density ‘Hoskins Park development’ just around the corner, and the ‘park-&-ride’ commuters that will likely add to demand for parking in the area later this year.

In fact artificially turfing ANY facility that doesn’t have the capacity to accommodate the increased usage that Council’s own reports say must occur to make artificial conversions financially viable, is reckless and irresponsible with rate payer’s funds.  At a time when councils are facing threats of amalgamation, you’d think Marrickville Council would be a little smarter.  But of course, being smart isn’t what’s driving this proposal – it’s ego & politics combined.

Scroll down for the 6 comparative pictures (click for the full-sized) or download the PDF (link at bottom):



3-Cromer Park

4-Seymour Shaw



Ariel views of playing fields compared to Arlington (PDF)